ASBU a.k.a. Volunteer Kotong People by DENR – Strikes Again

U YEH! I got pissed again going to work upon seeing fucking ASBU’s waving stupidly to any van, trucks ang SUV’s, any vehicle who runs on diesel under magallanes. This fucking assholes keep on waving until someone (who’s not familiar with these dicks) stops and blab out fucking senseless reasons.

Funny thing is when they wave vigorously in 5 teams blocking the highway when they saw this Isuzu Sportivo. Vans and trucks? Nah this lucky guys (at the moment) pass through this waving retard ASBU guys like they don’t see them.

Question is do this fucking ASBU assholes volunteer and DENR who mastermind this FAIL ANTI SMOKE BELCHING UNIT help on saving the planet? HELL NO! After stashing the motorist cash they just let him be .

Imagine yourself driving a SUV being pulled over by guys like this wasting your so muc precious time and money.

I wonder why media (GMA 7, ABS-CBN, NBN4, ABC5 etc.) doesn’t see this.

This is Philippines! Fucking assholes.

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